I am a staunch believer in giving back to better the world around us. Simply by living, we are adding to the chaos and unrest in the world, including the products we purchase and use every day down to the way we speak and act toward one another. I try to live with authenticity and a belief that the world is an innately good place, and I aim to pay-it-forward whenever I can.
Since 2019 I've been donating a portion of my revenue to different organizations that fit into my business and personal ethos. 
All of my donations went to One Tree Planted, which is an organization that reforests areas around the world. 
- Quarter 1 -
63 trees donated 
- Quarter 2 -
176 trees donated
- Quarter 3 -
272 trees donated 
- Quarter 4 -
295 trees donated 
These trees were planted in California, Colorado, Appalachia, Australia, and
the Orca Project in the Pacific Northwest.
I shifted my focus with donations to social justice reform and BIPOC centered organizations. 
- Quarter 1 -
$250 to the NAACP
for general funding needs
- Quarter 2 -
$168 to The Loveland Foundation
for the Therapy Fund for Black Women & Girls
- Quarter 3 - 
$50 to Partnership with Native Americans
for general funding needs
$200 to Adopt A Native Elder
for firewood, rainbow food boxes, and traditional ceremony fund
- Quarter 4 -
$300 to Benevolence Farm
Promoting sustainable livelihoods with women impacted by the
criminal justice system in North Carolina
I will continue to focus my donations on social causes!
- Quarter 1 -
$250 to NCAA Together
for general funding needs

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